Grand Woodworking Expands its Services with Three New Lines

Habersham, Crystal and Plain & Fancy Options Help Diversify Grand Woodworking’s Services

Custom cabinetry and millwork company Grand Woodworking announced today that it has expanded its line of services, adding high end options from Habersham Homes, Crystal Cabinetry and Plain & Fancy Custom Cabinetry.

“We are very excited to be able to offer these new lines to our customers,” said Grand Woodworking co-founder Eddie Martin. “The top of the line quality that Habersham, Crystal and Plain & Fancy are known for helps us maintain the high standards of excellence from Grand Woodworking.”

“These services,” said Martin, “will complement the projects we offer at Grand Woodworking giving our customers a wider range of choice but maintaining the heirloom quality and expert craftsmanship expected by the Grand Woodworking name.”

Grand Woodworking is South Florida’s newest and most competitive source for custom architectural woodwork and custom cabinets in the greater Naples area. The company draws on the expertise of architectural millwork and custom woodworking artisans with deep experience in creating masterpieces for distinguished homes and businesses.

“There will be a balance in terms of what the customer gets by choosing one of these lines versus using our staff for an in-house project,” Neil Heuer, Martin’s partner and co-founder said. “If they choose a Grand Woodworking in-house designed project, there is a wider range of customization available. If they choose something from our Habersham, Crystal or Plain & Fancy offerings, they will be able to get a faster turnaround time on the project.”

“That’s the key difference,” added Martin. “These new lines can leverage their manufacturing facilities to speed the completion of the project. While our in-house staff can leverage our agility and craftsmanship to give customers more personalized and customized options during the project.”

Heuer also explained why Grand Woodworking chose these three specific lines to help with the company’s expansion. “We considered multiple brands” he said, “but chose Habersham, Crystal and Plain & Fancy because of their high standards of quality.”

“We want to provide our customers with work that becomes an heirloom, a piece that stands the test of time and reflects the very best craftsmanship in the industry. The three lines we’ve chosen for our expansion all have the same goals and standards with their work so our customers have more flexibility in their choices and sacrifice nothing in quality.”

To learn more about Grand Woodworking or to view their portfolio of previously produced projects — including custom cabinetry, unique hand-built furniture, and stunning architectural millwork — please call 239-594-WOOD (9663), or visit